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You’ve got questions, we have answers. In fact, one of our primary objectives at OsteoStrong Lake Forest is to help our clients make informed decisions about bone health so that they can lead healthy lives.

We’re here to deliver transparent, trusted information about OsteoStrong, its technology and the science that supports it.

OsteoStrong Side-Effects

After completing over 10 Million sessions at OsteoStrong centers around the world, members have reported the following side-effects:

  1. Elimination of all kinds of chronic joint and back pain, including osteoarthritis, sciatica, pain from replaced hip and knee joints.
  2. Increases in bone mineral density as shown in DXA scans (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47GzFI2s62I)
  3. Improvement in balance and agility. Members who have difficulty standing on one foot, show a dramatic improvement in balance after just a few sessions.
  4. Increases in physical strength. Given the short weekly sessions, many are shocked at how quickly their physical strength increases. Member of all ages report substantial improvements in their over strength.

Come to OsteoStrong Lake Forest and experience these side-effects for yourself!


Absolutely! We want you to experience a free session so that you can see how quickly your body will respond to our system. Click here to request your FREE SESSION. Someone will contact you shortly to schedule a time to come in. See if we have a location near you: Locations

Our research shows that coming in more frequently actually slows the results of osteogenic loading. Ideally, members hit loads of 4.2 multiples of body weight or more, triggering a bone adaptation. A bone adaptation requires time to grow. If members keep triggering adaptation by coming in for sessions more than once per week, they will actually slow down the process.Provided that members achieve the minimum dose of force as concluded in the 2015, Deere Study, they are triggering osteogenesis and growing stronger bones. The results in an individual session will always vary significantly, based on a wide number of factors.OsteoStrong sessions are based on “maximum” efforts emulating a fight or flight response and myofibril hypertrophy. Therefore, it can be expected that variability will be significantly greater than conventional exercise sessions, such as multiple reps of a given weight, aimed at sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Typically training in this mode produces highly replicable results, e.g., 4 sets of 10 exercises using a specific weight, which is not intended to measure maximum force output.
Traditional health insurance in the United States does not typically cover OsteoStrong sessions. However, Medical Savings Accounts can be used in many cases. Also, OsteoStrong sessions are generally less expensive than most insurance co-pays.
Yes, and you will see great results if you do both. However, it is recommended that you not do a workout immediately prior to your OS session. Remember, OsteoStrong strengthens your skeletal system. Your muscular strength will be unleashed once your mind senses your skeletal system is capable of handling stronger muscles.


Sadly, the published research on this topic does not indicate that strengthen your bones through convention exercises or weight training is likely. A study published in 2012 identified that the minimum force required to trigger bone growth is 4.2 multiples of body weight (4.2 MOB). Engaging in that amount of force safely, outside of an OsteoStrong® center is not recommended for most people. The good news is that our proprietary Spectrum System safely allows clients to experience much more than the 4.2 MOB minimum to trigger the skeletal building response people are looking for.
Yes, many showing T-scores as low as -4 from their DXA scans do sessions at OsteoStrong. Even in these extreme cases, members have completely reversed their osteoporosis without medication. As with all medical conditions, we encourage people to consult with their physician prior to starting sessions at OsteoStrong.

Results vary from person to person, but the following are some general rules for what our members experience:

Joint and back pain. Joint and back pain. Generally, people experience a sensation of joint and back pain relief in 1 to 12 sessions. Of course, with any physical condition that causes you concern, we recommend that you ask your doctor prior to engaging in sessions at OsteoStrong.

Once your pain is gone, regular sessions will continue to develop the joint, bone and surrounding support tissue. It is highly recommended that you continue sessions to help prevent the return of your joint and back pain.

Skeletal strength or bone density increases can only be seen on a bone density scan. It usually takes 6-12 months from the time you start with OsteoStrong® for your DXA scan to show increases in bone density.

Balance improvements. Most people notice improvements in their personal balance in just one to two sessions and it generally improves for several sessions afterward.

Muscular Strength. Most people, regardless of fitness level, feel the gains in overall strength in about 4 sessions. Regular sessions seem to continue strength gains for many years. Some people may have periods of plateauing in their measured strength gains. Have patience when this happens to you!

Yes, OsteoStrong® actually helps strengthen the bone around your hip or knee replacement. We are also great for preconditioning before these types of surgeries. As with all medical conditions, we encourage people to consult with their physician prior to starting sessions at OsteoStrong.