Increase circulation, reduce soreness and maximize the benefits
of your osteogenic loading session

Peristaltic pulse dynamic compression (PPDC) has long been used by athletes
to boost blood flow and remove metabolites from
the body. But when athletes at the U.S. Olympic Training
Center Recovery Center
used these devices for their recovery, they experienced
something unexpected: a rapid increase in their flexibility. This sparked
further study on the effects
of PPDC—and fostered
widespread use of such
devices, which use rhythmic
applications of pressures on
the limbs.
In the world of PPDC devices,
NormaTec is an undoubted
leader. Its professional grade recovery systems
are portable and easy to
use, giving our members the
benefits of targeted pulse
compression after their
osteogenic loading sessions.
The devices use three key
techniques—pulsing, distal release and gradients—to maximize recovery between training, after performance and
from injury.
After putting on the NormaTec boots, you’ll experience a pre-inflate cycle, during which the boots mold to your
exact body shape. Next comes dynamic compression, which is similar to the kneading and stroking you experience
during a massage. This pulsing pattern works its way up your limb to mobilize fluid and metabolites. By utilizing
gradient technology, the boots keep fluids from being forced in the wrong direction while providing maximum
pressure in every zone. Extended static pressure can be detrimental to the body’s circulation; NormaTec boots use
distal release to end its “hold” pressure in each zone as soon as possible. This maximizes rest time without causing
a significant pause between compression cycles.


• Remove metabolites passively: Maximizes recovery after your osteogenic loading session by reducing blood
lactate levels.

• Increases flexibility: Rapidly enhances the acute range of motion faster, with no discomfort
• Decreases sensitivity to pain: Accelerates and enhances recovery by reducing muscle tenderness from
pressure, allowing you to experience more pressure before experiencing pain
• Curbs muscle fatigue: Increases blood flow to lower extremities, which helps manage exercise-induced delayed onset muscle soreness
• Enhances recovery: Lowers creatine kinase (CK), a marker of muscle damage

If these conditions exist, please abstain from using NormaTec equipment

• Current or unstable fractures or breaks, including stress fractures
• Recent surgery and the presence of sutures or stitches
• Open wounds, contusions or abrasions
• Severe atherosclerosis or ischemic vascular diseases
• Suspect or known acute deep vein thrombosis
• Severe congestive heart failure
• Existing pulmonary edema
• Existing pulmonary embolism
• Extreme deformity of the limbs
• Known presence of malignancy in the legs
• Limb infections, including cellulitis, that have not received antibiotic coverage
• Presence of lymphangiosarcoma

Increase Circulation – Reduce Soreness – Maximize The Benefits All With An Osteogenic Loading Session

If you’re an avid runner, athlete, or someone who just enjoys a good workout, you may have heard of NORMATEC boots from OsteoStrong’s health and wellness center at Lake Forest. Athlete wellness centers have long used peristaltic pulse dynamic compression (PPDC) to increase blood flow and eliminate metabolites from the body. Yet, when athletes from the U.S. Olympic Training Center Recovery Center utilized these devices to recover, they saw something unexpected: a significant gain in flexibility.

This sparked further research on the effects of PPDC, which use rhythmic applications of pressures on the limbs. Now, in the world of PPDC devices, NormaTec is an undoubted leader. These futuristic-looking boots may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, but they’re actually one of the most effective recovery tools on the market.


Understanding What NormaTec Boots Are

OsteoStrong’s health and wellness center at Lake Forest has the NormaTec boots, which are a type of compression therapy device that helps improve blood flow and accelerate recovery. They’re made up of a series of chambers that inflate and deflate in a specific sequence, mimicking the natural rhythm of blood flow in the body.

These boots were first invented by Dr. Laura Jacobs in 1998, who was inspired by patients with circulatory problems. Since then, they’ve become incredibly popular among athletes, runners, and fitness enthusiasts, as they help reduce muscle soreness and aid in injury prevention.

How Does It Work?

The process of using NormaTec boots is relatively straightforward. First, you’ll need to put the boots on, which can be a bit tricky at first. Once you have them on, you’ll turn the device on and select the intensity level that’s appropriate for you.

The boots will start inflating, compressing your legs from the foot up to the hip in a specific sequence. This helps move fluid, waste, and lactic acid out of your muscles, reducing inflammation and swelling.

The sensation of the boots inflating and deflating can feel a bit odd at first, but most people find it to be soothing and even enjoyable after a few minutes.

Why Are NormaTec Boots Beneficial For Recovery?

There are several reasons why NormaTec boots are beneficial for recovery, including:Relaxation and Stress Relief

1. Relaxation and Stress Relief

The rhythmic pulsing action of the NormaTec boots can help to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels, which can be beneficial for athletes who are recovering from intense training sessions.

2. Accelerated Recovery

By improving circulation, the NormaTec boots help to deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscles and tissues that have been damaged during exercise. This can accelerate the recovery process and reduce muscle soreness, allowing athletes to get back to training faster.

3. Convenient and Portable

NormaTec boots are portable and can be used at home, in the gym, or while traveling. They are also easy to use, just put your feet inside and turn the device on.

4. Reduced Lactic Acid Buildup

Lactic acid is a byproduct of exercise that can build up in the muscles and cause soreness and fatigue. The NormaTec boots can help to reduce lactic acid buildup by improving circulation and speeding up the removal of waste products from the muscles.

5. Increased Blood Flow and Circulation

The NormaTec boots apply pressure to the legs in a specific sequence that mimics the body’s natural pumping action. This pressure increases blood flow and circulation, which helps to reduce swelling, inflammation, and soreness in the legs.

Other Health and Wellness Benefits of NormaTec Boots

  • Increases flexibility:

Quickly improves acute range of motion with chronic knee pain treatment.

  • Decreases sensitivity to pain:

Reduces muscle sensitivity from pressure, allowing you to feel more tension before experiencing pain, which speeds up and improves recovery.

  • Curbs muscle fatigue:

Improves the management of exercise-induced delayed onset muscle soreness by increasing blood flow to the lower extremities.

  • Enhances recovery:

Lowers creatine kinase (CK), which is an indicator of muscle damage.


When having a Normatec Boot session with OsteoStrong’s wellness center at Lake Forest, you must know that the NormaTec boots are a compression type of physical therapy device used to promote circulation and aid in recovery after intense physical activity. While they are generally considered safe, there are some contraindications that should be noted.

NormaTec boots should not be used if you have a pulmonary embolism, as it can cause the clot to dislodge and travel to the lungs, leading to serious bone health complications.

If you are experiencing an acute DVT, NormaTec boots should not be used as they can increase the risk of clotting and cause further complications.

Individuals with acute CHF should avoid using NormaTec boots, as the increased pressure can interfere with cardiac function and lead to further complications.

NormaTec boots should not be used on areas of the skin with open wounds, wounds that are in the process of healing, or active skin infections.

Individuals with obstructed lymphatic or venous return should avoid using NormaTec boots as they can further impede circulation and cause further complications.

Individuals with severe arterial insufficiency should avoid using NormaTec boots as they can interfere with circulation and cause further complications.

Overall, NormaTec boots are an effective and convenient tool for athletes looking to speed up their recovery and improve their overall athletic performance. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare provider before using NormaTec boots to ensure that they are safe for your individual needs and health status.

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