Enhance your energy and overall well-being with energy medicine

• Boosts performance and recovery: our clients consist of Olympic and professional athletes
within the NFL, World Surf League, MLB, and NBA who use the BioCharger to accelerate muscle
recovery and reduce stiffness in joints
• Enhances mind-body balance: Aligns body and mind down to the cellular level
• Improves well-being: Delivers a variety of health-related benefits, including improved sleep and
stress reduction

Harness the healing power of water therapy

• Improves vascular function: Enhances circulation regardless of physical activity level
• Reduces anxiety and stress: Decreases cortisol levels, a physiological response to warm water immersion
• Enhances feelings of well-being and relaxation: Combines the well-being benefits of water
therapies with moderate pressure massage, which has been shown to reduce depression,
anxiety and heart rate, and alter EEG patterns in a relaxation response

Stimulate healing and improve bone health with red light therapy

• Increases bone mineral density and bone structure: Preliminary research shows benefits for
improving osteoporosis, including a boost in osteogenesis, increased stress load and preserved
vertebrae strength
• Strengthens bones: Increases osteoblast proliferation, collagen deposition, and bone
neoformation when compared to bones not treated with red light, and increases maximum
bone tolerance

Increase circulation, reduce soreness and maximize the benefits
of your osteogenic loading session

• Increases flexibility: Rapidly enhances the acute range of motion faster, with no discomfort
• Decreases sensitivity to pain: Accelerates and enhances recovery by reducing muscle tenderness from pressure, allowing you to experience more pressure before experiencing pain

Enhance osteogenic loading recovery with the power of
pulsating electromagnetic field therapy

• Slows the loss of bone mass: Curbs bone mass loss2, including bone loss induced by estrogen
deficit and disuse, and in individuals with Type 2 Diabetes
• Facilitates new bone growth: Has a proven positive effect on the regeneration of
musculoskeletal tissues such as cartilage, bone, tendon and ligament dimension

Engaging every tendon, muscle and cell in building bone density

• Boosts circulation: Shown to increase skin blood flow in people with healthy microcirculation
and stimulate overall limb blood circulation
• Enhances muscle strength and balance: Shown to increase muscle strength and, conversely,
reduce the aging-related loss of muscle and strength